Lead Generation Program

Web Biz Creators Lead Generation Program Benefits:

Did you know, you could make money from home by just making phone calls without selling anything?

Join Web Biz Creators lead generation and make money doing just that!

  • Earn $25 per lead
  • Get paid bi-weekly
  • Completely FREE to sign up


How the lead generation program works

    1. When you join our lead generation, we will provide you with a special training.
    2. You complete the training (1 – 3 business days)
    3. We set you up with a secured number to make the calls from protecting your private number
    4. We provide you with a list of businesses to contact
    5. We provide you with Call Script
    6. You contact these businesses, get them to answer a few questions, using a special page we create just for you
    7. If the business EVER buys anything from us within 1 year of you generating that lead, you make money!

We then will send you a bi-weekly check or paypal transfer based on your commissions.

Recurring Income

Making residual income is one of theĀ fundamentalsĀ to growing wealth!

  • Our lead generation program is designed to help you grow your wealth passively.
  • Once you refer a new lead to us, you will automatically receive a $25 commission every time they purchase something from us, within 1 year of you generating the lead.

We give you training to make it easy!


Questionnaires, Custom pages & Call Scripts
We give you, top of the line questionnaires, training, call scripts & a complete system to help you secure leads easily.
Payout and commission tracker
Easily login to check your commissions and payouts.
Email commission notifications
Sit back and get an email every time you get a commission!
Affiliate newsletter
Stay up to date with our lead generator contests! You may win free gifts.


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