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10 Apr 2012

Do you need SEO or an “organic web strategist”?

Finally it looks like businesses are starting to take SEO seriously!

I was doing a bit of late night googling when I came across this very interesting title: “organic web strategist”… This term is becoming a buzz word in the media, and is being use to label SEO professionals.

Hey I don’t care if you call them “Strange google wizards” as long as people are finally realizing the importance and effectiveness of SEO!

The internet is truly the closet thing to a level playing field we have today for businesses! Anyone can create a website, and ANY one can go viral! It astonishes me how very few businesses take it seriously.

Don’t be part of that crowd, right now is the BIGGEST opportunity of this century… 100s of years from now, people will be wishing they have the opportunity you and I have to flourish and succeed.

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Gerald B.

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