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- Professional, patient & very good at what they do…this is how I would explain web biz! Never building a website before, I was very intimidated trying to find & do business online. I was extremely guarded & distrusting as a result of my presumptive fears of the internet, but I now trust web biz over my local “walk in” shops. If I were on the other end of me in this process, I would’ve gotten very frustrated; However, neither of the owners ever lost their poise. These guys adapted to my pace, took extra time to explain things to me, helped me understand how to maximize the process and then delivered a product that went beyond what I expected to receive. I can’t say they’ve overcame my fears of the internet, but they definitely earned a long term customer with me. Great job fellas!!

Brad Skrzynairz, Representing

- Very professional and quick and easy to work with!

Jake Adams, Owner of