About us

Webbizcreators.com was created in the fall of 2010 and founded by two entrepreneurs, Gerald Barno & Darryl Kenebrew.

Below you will find a brief bio about each of these individuals.

Gerald Barno, has been full time online since 2009. He has an extensive background in Computer engineering, programming, web design, and amateur sales psychology (NLP). Over the life of his online business career he has developed various online businesses including marketing consulting, ecommerce, B2B services, affiliate marketing, and integrating offline and online marketing together. Delivering these services in a variety of markets including, real estate, home improvement, business opportunity, weight loss, and financial markets.

From Gerald: “I have a serious passion for marketing, advertising and helping people! Online marketing fascinates me because its a very cost effective form of direct response marketing. The real purpose of Webbizcreators.com is to deliver a top notch RESULTS driven service that helps connect those who are having trouble profiting from this wonderful opportunity the internet has provided all businesses with!

From the bottom of my heart I’d like to personally thank you for visiting us, and please allow us to help you!! thats our REAL MISSION!! to help as many people as we can at cost effective prices!”

Darryl Kenebrew is a Improvement Coach, Business Development Consultant and Expert for businesses large and small with over 10 years experience. He has over 30 years experience in local community development. This combination of experience in business development and local community development is what sets Darryl apart from your typical web designer and SEO consultant. With Darryl you are not just another website, you are a local business with an opportunity to increase improve your local business bottom-line on the Internet.

From Darryl: “For more than 30 years I have had a passion that has fueled my life helping communities and business find solutions to their problems and improve their daily processes. In the world of the internet today, information is moving so fluidly that more and more people want to stay connected and get what they want as quickly as possible. The internet is how they do that. So, it becomes an obvious choice that you would want your clients and customers to connect with your business and organization on the internet as well.

I am so glad that you have visited us today, I know our expertise can help you succeed in your business presence on the internet. We can provide you with a cutting edge way to generate more business opportunities on the internet. “